My main goal for this project was to build a thermostat that both saved energy and was also easy and natural to use.

The primary constraint was to accomplish the design in two weeks.


I designed a thermostat that augmented the behavior of its homeowners by chiming at specific windows at different times depending on conditions in and outside. The chime noise signified the need to open the window. This ephemeral interaction creates an experience that is effectively 'UI-less' with the sound being the only call to action. The following video captures the gestalt of this experience.


Concept Development

In order to augment behavior I focused on the experience and metaphor of the product. Thinking about effective ways to cool homes with out investing large amounts of energy. I became inspired by the Persian wind catcher system of capturing the natural power of moving air to cool homes. Wondering what a modern version of this might look like I developed an idea of creating an Internet of Things system that would tie into the home on all main windows. Creating an architectural plan of my own home I went about conceptualizing the system.

How Chimes Works

The nodes would then acclimate over time when the windows are open, developing 'best practices' for when the home owner would need to cool their home. This categorization could be done a simple machine learning script that would measure success by reducing energy.

As the Chime nodes track the home, they gently suggest opening the window when the climate is optimal in order to cool the house. They do this by chiming using the in built speaker like gentle wind chimes hanging outside the window. The effect of passive wind cooling can be dramatic with the net zero usage of energy for keeping neighborhoods cool.

The Long Term Behavior Change

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